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BSP 2600

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BSP 2600

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Product Description

The basic support heads, series BSP 2600-DVE can be fitted vertically on three levels with inbuilt components.

We offer a range of medical supply unit solutions which can be placed next to and connected up to the patient, and which incorporate possibilities for high and low current equipment installations and medical gas supplies.

In the standard model, the pneumatic control valves which operate the joint brakes are either integrated into the basic support head or equipment carriers, the basic support heads can be fitted with operating handles and pneumatic control valves fitted to the equipment consoles according to customer requirements.

The equipment consoles measuring 500 x 450 mm, are stainless steel or aluminium with electrostatically powder-coated finishes according to the RAL card, and can be fitted on two or three sides of the equipment carrier rails in accordance with DIN EN 12218, measuring 25x10mm.

The equipment consoles which have an incorporated control element for the pneumatic brakes are in a fixed position on the front side.

Equipment consoles can be attached easily to the guide rails in the basic support head at a later stage, if required. The height can be adjusted as necessary.


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