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DVE 7200
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Product Description

The arrangement of the pendant systems can be arranged optimally to suit the use and treatment requirements.

pendant- beam, single- or double-arm

pendant- beam, single- or double-arm duo

Height- adjustable swivel support, elastic force orelectromotive

pendant length 600 / 800 / 1000 or 1200 mm

Maximum load of ceiling swivel support depending on configuration

Swivel range of pendant 340°

Pneumatic brakes in the pendant and swinging support joints with operation valves on the equipment console or basic support head.

The medical, ceiling-suspended Supply Unit, series DVE 5100/5200/ 7100/7200 with the basic support heads BSP 2500-DVE, BSP 2600-DVE or the equipment carrier BSP 2500-DVE-Tr, BSP 2600- DVE-Tr correspond in construction and execution to the requirements of DIN EN ISO 11197:2005.


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