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iLA® actiVVe Console


iLA® actiVVe Console

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iLA activve® Console: Tailored extrapulmonary gas exchange
The iLA activve® Platform provides the complete spectrum of solutions for pumped extrapulmonary lung support.

Product Description

iLA activve® System
Extrapulmonary blood flow: As high as necessary – as low as possible.
The iLA activve® System consists of modular components that are perfectly matched. Four different highly effective Membrane Ventilators are available to meet patient-specific needs, as well as an optional connection to the NovaTherm® Heater/Cooler system, providing the appropriate configuration for any situation.
For a broad spectrum of indications and applications – for new-born infants through to adults.
From efficient removal of carbon dioxide to complete oxygenation.
With the safety of a closed system.

Additional Information

ILA Activve® System Platform

Take advantage of innovative technology and our targeted user support, based on evidence and experience., Large, removable display. Easy and flexible handling., System control and information via touchscreen., Integrated back-up system. Hot-swappable batteries with an operating time of up to 6 hours., State-of-the-art rotary pump with diagonal flow and magnetic drive. High-tech for maximum blood protection., Space-saving and mobile. All iLA activve® components can be mounted on a single trolley., Height-adjustable position of the Membrane Ventilator and of the blood pump., 4 different sizes of Membrane Ventilators to choose from.


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