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iLA® Membrane Ventilator


iLA® Membrane Ventilator

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iLA® Membrane Ventilator
The iLA® Membrane Ventilator is the only Membrane Ventilator for pumpless (arterio-venous) extrapulmonary lung support.

Product Description

iLA® opens the door to real lung protection
Modern systems for extrapulmonary gas exchange are used today in clinical situations where adequate gas exchange cannot otherwise be maintained, despite invasive ventilation. The respiratory system is supported. The lung is given time to heal.

Advantages of a therapy with the iLA® Membrane Ventilator
| The iLA® Membrane Ventilator has been used successfully in thousands of patients.
| Reliable effectiveness – efficient CO2 removal.
| High biocompatibility due to heparin coating.
| Easy handling
| One vascular access for the iLA® Membrane Ventilator and CRRT due to integrated CRRT connectors.
| Compared to pumped systems, the iLA® Membrane Ventilator is characterized by low costs and reduced personal costs.


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