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NovaPort® One


NovaPort® One

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NovaPort® one Cannulas
The safe access to vascular system

Product Description

NovaPort® vascular access has been successfully proven for extracorporeal circulations for cardiac and pulmonary support as well as for perioperative perfusion for less invasive cardiac / aortic surgery.
– Minimal flow resistance at optimum pressure-flow rate.
– Ideal wall thickness
– Flexible but extremely kink-resistant due to high-flex design and wire reinforcement.
– Percutaneous single-step dilation that minimizes injury to the vessel walls.
– Developed for long-term use.
– Different sizes, optimized flow rates and low diameters allow you to choose the optimum cannula for your individual treatment protocols.

Additional Information

NovaPort® One KU Single Lumen Cannulas

, one KU single lumen cannulas are specifically developed for the percutaneous connection to extracorporeal gas exchange systems with 3/8” connection to the vascular system., NovaPort® one KU cannulas are available with 3/8“ universal connector from 13 Fr to 21 Fr in 90 mm or 140 mm length. NovaPort® one KI single lumen cannulas, NovaPort® one KI single lumen cannulas have been successfully proven for the femoral connection of the iLA® Membrane Ventilator to the vascular system. The iLA® Membrane Ventilator supports the lung function with a pumpless extracorporeal circuit., NovaPort® one KI cannulas feature a Safety Connector™ and are available from 13 Fr to 17 Fr (length: 90 or 140 mm) and 19 Fr, 21 Fr (length: 140 mm).


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