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NovaPort® Twin


NovaPort® Twin

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NovaPort® twin Cannulas
The safe access to vascular system

Product Description

NovaPort® twin Cannulas

The safe access to vascular system

Additional Information

NovaPort® Twin Double Lumen Cannulas Are Specifically Developed For Veno Venous Vascular Access. All Blood Contact Surfaces Are Coated With Stable, Biocompatible Heparin Coating. Double Lumen Cannulas Are Ideal For The Mobilisation Of The Patients.

, The unicaval NovaPort® twin can be placed easily without transesophageal echo control., Control of insertion depth via marks on the NovaPort® twin., Specific design of drainage and reperfusion baskets helps prevent recirculation of blood., NovaPort® twin cannulas feature a 3/8“ universal connector and are available in 18 Fr, 22 Fr (each with a length of 170 mm) and 24 Fr (length: 270 mm)., NovaPort® cannula sets include all necessary materials. Guide wires are PTFE-coated.


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