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NovaTherm® Heater/Cooler


NovaTherm® Heater/Cooler

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NovaTherm® Heater/Cooler
Intelligent Temperature Management for Extrapulmonary Lung Support.

Product Description

NovaTherm® Heater/Cooler
The NovaTherm® Heater/Cooler allows targeted therapeutic tempering of the patient’s blood.

Novalung Solution
* Cooling or warming by using one device
* Precise temperature management
* Intuitive handling
* Compact design
* Safe fixation onto iLA activve® Trolley
* Very quiet operating mode

Additional Information

Compatible With

MiniLung® petite Membrane Ventilator, MiniLung® Membrane Ventilator, XLung® Membrane Ventilator, Compact design, Safe fixation onto iLA activve® Trolley, Very quiet operating mode


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