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Push-To-Set™ Analog Adult Intermittent Suction Unit


Push-To-Set™ Analog Adult Intermittent Suction Unit

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1. Built-in Patented Push-To-Set™ feature
2. Quick-To-Max, Only 2 turns to full wall vacuum
3. Stat Mode starts in the “ON” Mode
4. Top mounted on/off switch for ease of use
5. Brighter glow-in-the-dark gauge increments and needle
6. Source port at center of unit for space constraints
7. Smaller, sleek design for tight spaces

Product Description

The PTS-ISU has an ergonomic design that contains two new exclusive safety features that simplify processes, minimize clinical errors and increases product performance. The patented Push-To-Set™ mechanism automatically establishes a vacuum limit with each vacuum level setting in both continuous and intermittent modes. A unique dual-spring regulator module ensures precision in the critical care range (0-200 mmHg) while also providing unusually fast adjustment (2 turns) up to full wall vacuum for emergency resuscitation procedures.


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