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Push-To-Set™ Analog Peddiatric Intermittent Suction Unit

No18_PTS-ISU-analog Ped
No18_PTS-ISU-analog Ped

Push-To-Set™ Analog Peddiatric Intermittent Suction Unit

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1. Baby Icon indicates Pediatric/Limited Model
2. Large, Easy to Read Gauge
3. Positive pressure and safety relief valve
4. Modular Components
5. Durable Design and Construction

Product Description

The PTS-ISU Pediatric Intermittent Suction Unit offers dual models, an intermittent mode for gastric drainage and a contionuous mode for tracheal, pharyngeal or surgical suctioning. The Pediatric intermittent Suction Unit has a peak vacuum limit feature to prevent adjusting the vacuum above the medium suction range. The Loe Intermittent Suction Unit also contains a unique patented Unilogic timing module that provides a reliable, quiet means of cycling on and off during intermittent suctioning


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