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Thoracic Suction

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1. Glow-in-the-dark needle and increments
2. Automatically compensates for vacuum fluctuations
3. Positive pressure relief valve
4. Separate toggle ON/OFF switch
5. Extended range
6. Silent vacuum control

Product Description

The Thoracic Vacuum Regulator with color coded gauge marked in 1 cm H2O increments. Regulator provides continuous, regulated suction from a piped vacuum system. Regulator can be used in conjunction with disposable or reusable chest drainage systems. Adjustable, pressure limiting valve prevents pressures from exceeding set level. Positive pressure relief valve vents positive pleural pressures or accidental pressures in excess of 10 cm H2O (1.0 kPa) away from patient system. Separate on/off switch conserves vacuum, allows retention of previous setting. Regulators are equipped with specified adapter and/or fitting.


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