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No7_Two Mode
No7_Two Mode

Two Mode Continuous

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1. Lightweight, compact design
2. Glow-in-the-dark needle and increments
3. Mode selector toggle switch
4. Positive pressure relief valve
5. Suction control knob
6. Modular Components
7. Strong, break-resistant case

Product Description

The Continuous Vacuum Regulator with Standard Vac gauge for use with all common suction therapy procedures. Regulator shall provide continuous, regulated suction from a piped vacuum system. Gauge is calibrated in mmHg with glow-in-the-dark increments and needle and is protected with a snap-fit lens. Suction Control Knob is large and unobstructed. Mode Selector Switch has a toggle action for easy, positive selection which shows the selected mode from a distance. Components are modular for ease of replacement. Vacuum regulator is compact, lightweight and made of strong, break-resistant plastic. It shall be equipped with specified adapter, fitting and accessories. Regulator Module and Gauge are interchangeable with Intermittent Suction Unit (ISU).


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