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Valve with Extension

Valves with extensions-01
Valves with extensions-01

Valve with Extension

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• Full port design
• Blow-out proof stem
• Sizes range from 1/2” (13mm) to 3” (76.2mm)
• Cleaned for medical gas service
• Teflon seats

Product Description

All area and main line isolations valves shall be Ohio Medical Healthcair® Series. Valves shall be non-lockable.
The valves shall be oxygen cleaned, full port, three piece ball-type with flanges to allow easy service and installation. The valve
shall have a bronze body, and a blow-out proof stem. The valve ball shall be bronze chrome plated, and the seats and packing
shall be Teflon (TFE). The valve shall have a pressure rating of 600 psig, meet Federal Specifications WW-V-35B Type II, Class
C, D, Style 1, 3 and be hydrostatically tested.
Type “K” copper pipe extensions that are cleaned for medical gas service shall be fitted into each side of the valve. Two gauge
ports shall be drilled into the pipe extensions for the purpose of inserting a gauge if required. The valve as-sembly shall be
plugged or capped and sealed in a plastic bag to prevent contamination.
Each valve shall have a bracket used to identify the gas being handled by means of a gas specific label.
A lever type handle shall be used to operate the valve(s); the valve shall be changed from fully open to fully closed through a
quarter turn of the handle.
1/2” through 3” – Dual guage ports on pipe extensions


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