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Zone Valve Boxes

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Zone Valve Boxes

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• Full port design
• Blow-out proof stem
• Cleaned for medical gas service
• Teflon seats
• Dual gauge port on pipe extension

Product Description

Zone valve boxes shall be Ohio Medical Healthcair® series. Each zone valve box shall comply with NFPA 99, and will consist
of a recessed steel box, full port three piece valve(s) and a removable window. Boxes are available to accommodate one to
five valves.
The valve box shall be constructed of 18 gauge steel and shall be painted white. The box shall be equipped with adjustable
mounting brackets for the purpose of in-wall mounting. The brackets shall allow the box to accommodate wall thicknesses up
to 7/8” (22 mm).
The valve box frame shall be constructed of aluminum; the frame’s surface shall be flat, without indentations, to facilitate cleaning.
The frame shall be mounted to the valve box by means of standard sheet metal screws. A front channel shall allow for insertion of the removable window.
The tinted transparent front window shall be constructed of plexiglas which will allow monitoring of the valve(s) and gauge(s).
The window will be equipped with a center mounted ring to allow the window to be removed from the valve box frame. The window
shall be able to be reinstalled without the use of tools, but only with the valve(s) in the open position. The window shall be
The valves shall be oxygen cleaned, full port, three piece ball-type with flanges to allow easy service and installation. The valve
shall have a bronze body, and a blow-out proof stem. The valve ball shall be bronze chrome plated, and the seats and packing
shall be Teflon (TFE). The valve shall have a pressure rating of 600 psig, meet Federal Specifications WW-V-35B Type II, Class
C, D, Style 1, 3, and be hyrdostatically tested.
Type “K” copper pipe extensions that are cleaned for medical gas service shall be fitted into each side of the valve. Dual gauge
ports shall be drilled into the pipe extensions for the purpose of inserting gauges. The gauges shall have a 2” (50 mm) dial, be
ASME B40.1 Grade B. The valve assembly shall be plugged or capped to prevent contamination.
Each valve shall have a bracket used to identify the gas being handled by means of a gas specific label.

A lever type handle shall be used to operate the valve(s); the valve shall be changed from fully open to fully closed through a
quarter turn of the handle.


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