A Waster Anesthetic Gas Disposal is a system that drags waste anesthetic gas away from operating theatre and outside of the building. It can perform in two ways.

            1.Evacuation System

           This system is sourcing from an oil-less vacuum pump and it will be delivered to the wall outlet per NFPA 99 for WAGD process. However, this vacuum pump should be sourcing from different the medical vacuum system




            2. Scavenging System

           Jet Scavenging System sources gases from air compressor pump that flow through Venturi Valve in order to generate vacuum. The mechanism of this system starts from putting the pipes with adapter and insert with outlet in order to make gas flow rate adjustable. While another side of the pipes will connect with Anesthetic machine and adapter to operating the system. When the system is ready to use, it will show a green indicator.      

                   WAGD-5                               WAGD-4

     Terminal Unit for ASSS EN Standard                    Terminal Unit for ASSS DIN Standard